The Story

The Story Behind ClearComm

In 2014 we were approached by an institution, a home for people with infantile autism.


Each day their caregivers put together a picture based schedule based on printed and laminated pictograms. This had to be done for each resident of the institution, and if a pictogram was missing a new one had to be printed and laminated. This is a very time-consuming process, and this is what the institution needed help with. A digital picture based schedule.


We delivered! They have now used ClearComm since August 2014, with one user, and have since added all the residents with infantile autism. The caregivers have planned months in advance which means that they no longer have to spend an hour each morning setting up the schedule. They only add changes when needed. Today they can focus on the user with autism and provide the care he needs.


We set out to save the time for the caregivers and help them easily plan and structure the day for the residents. What we quickly learned was how the consistency that ClearComm brings is also good for the resident. They no longer have someone coming into their room everyday to set up a schedule, and trouble with new caregivers is minimized, as the schedule is set by the caregivers that know the user – and what he likes. The resident can now see his entire day set up; each morning. This makes him calmer, and less frustrated, as the schedule is more consistent and is always updated.


When going out, or on trips, the paper based schedule is troublesome to bring along. Residents need to be aware that this schedule is a replacement for the one in their room. Caregivers also need to bring many of the pictograms with them as they need to be prepared for each situation that can arise. ClearComm can run on any modern device and browser. This means that they now just bring the residents tablet or phone with them when going out. In addition every pictogram is available in ClearComm for picture based communication. So when they need to communicate with the resident, which are nonverbal, they can quickly and easily find the relevant pictogram and communicate.


The Touching Story

Picture based communication with ClearComm also has a positive effect.


A caregiver and a resident went shopping for candy. When they entered the store, the caregiver handed his phone, which had ClearComm, to the user and asked him to select which candy he wanted. The users then selected the category candy, and selected Coca-Cola and Kit-Kat chocolate bar. The caregivers was so surprised by how easy this was that he says he bought too much candy, and later told his co-workers that:

“Today, he spoke to me”.

Preparing for each situation with paper based pictograms is almost impossible, but with ClearComm it’s easy. If a pictogram is needed, ClearComm allows users to snap a picture, and add it to the library. It can then be used for both the schedule and communication.


ClearComm gives the user the consistency they need in the schedule, save time for caregivers so they can focus more on the resident and makes communicating easier between them.


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